3Things To Take Into Consideration When Debating Rims With Winter Tires

If you are purchasing winter tires, you are going to need to take into consideration if you want to purchase rims along with the winter tires. Here are three things that you want to take into consideration while debating this question.

#1 How Long You'll Need The Snow Tires

The first thing that you want to do is figure out how long you'll need the snow tires. For example, did you just move to a new area for a temporary job and don't plan on staying in the area for more than a year or two, you most likely don't need rims and snow tires. However, if you are getting snow tires for an area where you plan on living for the next five years or more, it makes more sense to put rims on your snow tires. The longer you know you will be using the snow tires, the more sense it makes to purchase rims to go with the snow tires.

#2 Cost Of Swapping Out The Tires

The next thing you need to do is figure out how much it will cost to swap out your winter tires with your regular tires twice a year. This will include dismounting and remounting costs, as well as balancing and alignment costs as well. This is the cost you are going to face every year if you don't purchase separate rims for your winter tires and use the same rims for your regular and winter tires.

Then, figure out the cost of purchasing rims just for your winter tires. Once you know the cost of purchasing the rims for your winter tires, compare that to the cost of dismounting and remounting your tires twice a year, for the next five years. If the cost of dismounting and remounting the tires twice a year is greater than the cost of purchasing rims, you'll save money in the long term by investing in rims. You should also be able to keep the rims long after this set of tires runs out, and you'll get even more use out of them then you will this single set of winter tires.

#3 Value Of Your Time

Finally, figure out how much time you spend waiting for your tires to be dismounted and mounted every time you go in verses just swapping out the tire sets with their own rims. If it is significantly faster, be sure to figure out how valuable your time is. If you are having to wait an extra hour or so every time you need to swap out your tires, over time the cost of swapping out your tires will cost you valuable time as well. 

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