3 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

With winter right around the corner, here are three things that you need to do to prepare your vehicle for the harshest season of the year.

#1 Remove All Leaves

During the fall, leaves do not just get on your lawn and in your driveway, they also get on and into your vehicle. It is important that you remove all the leaves that get into and onto your vehicle. Remove all the leaves that get down around your windshield. Open up the hood and remove all the leaves that have gotten under the hood. Then, open up your trunk and remove the leaves that have gotten around the top where the closing and opening mechanism is located.

If you have a sunroof, open it up and make sure that no leaf parts are stuck anywhere around the sunroof.

You don't want to leave leaves sitting in these places; they will eventually decompose and could harm your vehicle.  

#2 Change Your Tires

The second thing that you need to do is change your tires. During the winter, you are going to want to change out your tires and put winter tires on your vehicle. Winter tires have a higher profile that allows them to navigate better in the snow. Winter tires are also designed to move rain and snow out of the way and allow your vehicle to get a good drip at the same time. During a winter storm, you want tires that are designed to provide you with good traction. Check in at your local tire store and see what type of deals they are running on winter tires.

When you purchase winter tires, such as from Jensen Tire & Auto, make sure that you purchase a full set. Changing out two tires will not provide you with the traction that you need; you need a full set of winter tires in order to get the traction that winter tires can provide you with.

#3 Change Out The Wiper Blades

Finally, you should change your wiper blades. You want to make sure that your wiper blades are new and are capable of handling a huge downpour of rain or snow. If your windshield wipers are worn down, they will not move the moisture fast enough for you to see well.

Also, make sure that you take care of your windshield wipers during the winter. If you know that a storm is coming in, put your windshield wipers up so that they don't freeze onto the glass.

Take the three steps above to ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter weather.